Automotive Concierge Services

Collection Management

Automotive collections require care and a keen eye, both on the cars themselves, as well as to the market.   Don’t waste your valuable time in juggling repairs, restoration, buying and selling.   Spend your time enjoying your collection!  Different from our Traditional Concierge services, Collection Management tends to be an ongoing subscription service for larger assemblies of automobiles.

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Traditional Concierge

Love cars but hate to deal with the time, headaches and complexity?  Let DMC take care of all of your car needs!  From the grocery getter, to your show winner, we are happy to arrange and facilitate all the care, maintenance and special needs of your cars. We also provide market advisory, pickup/drop-off services and lots of monthly programs to keep your schedule free to just enjoy your hard earned cars!

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Marketing Assistance

Finding and buying cars for sale, and marketing and selling your car are two arenas which typically are as fun as waiting in a long line.  Not for Dietz MotorCraft!  We love to help you buy and sell and can alleviate every hassle from our clients!

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Featured Client Vehicles for Sale

At Dietz MotorCraft, our clients cars are Tier 1 both in terms of quality, presentation and care.   We are car enthusiasts and our goal is simple: pass along our passion and knowledge to provide you the car of your dreams through close relationships with our clients.

We are not a dealer, we only aid in helping our client’s connect with private buyers and sellers.  This allows for wonderful, easy private transactions with client and cars we know extremely well.