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Dietz Motocraft provides unmatched quality, clarity and customer service with any car we advertise for our clients.


Take a moment to browse some of our client’s cars for sale.  We aren’t a car dealer in any fashion.  We operate as an automotive concierge, only to help our clients reach potential buyers.  What does that mean to you?  It means these cars are privately owned and privately cared for – not just dealer inventory bought at auction to turn a profit.  These are families’ cars and enthusiasts cars, which all must go through a incredibly thorough inspection before we put our name on them.  We help our client’s spread the word of their fantastic cars and serve as an advertising avenue.  No dealer games, no dealer mark-ups; just easy private party transactions directly with our clients.

We are wordy!  We love to go on and on about each car, firstly, because we love cars!  But more importantly because we want our client’s buyers to know every inch of their car before they purchase.   It is the reason we help so many clients and buyers find new homes for their cars nationally and internationally.  Most of our cars explore other parts of the country and globe because we a transparent, fair and quality marketing assistant of well-cared for vehicles.  We are not a “turn-em and burn-em” dealer, we simply help bridge the gap between the hassles and hurdles of private car sales.


Because we have personal relationships with our clients and often times have been the concierge to the car for sale for year, we know the history and quality of the cars for sale.  We spend most of our time facilitating servicing, detailing and preparing our clients cars to be the best available.  That means we don’t overwhelm ourselves with inventory like a typical car dealer.  We can speak to each car in depth because often times we have known it for many years, unlike any dealer. Take a flip through some of our sold cars to see the quality which we aim.  We have seen an eclectic stroke of cars and welcome any car from basic transportation, to rare collector cars.