1958 Seat 600

Item specifics

  • Year: 1958
  • Make: SEAT
  • Model: 600
  • Trim: 2 Door Hardtop
  • Engine: 663cc
  • Drive Type: RWD
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 140383639
  • Mileage: 38,000
  • Exterior Color: Sahara Sand
  • Interior Color: Forrest Green


Condition: Used VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 140383639
Year: 1958 Engine: 633cc
Make: SEAT Drive Type: RWD
Model: 600 Mileage: 38,000
Trim: 2 Door Vehicle Title: Clear

How absolutely WONDERFUL it is to offer this gorgeous little Seat 600 for sale! This is truly a collector’s dream!  This is a long ad, but please be sure to read the entire thing – there is a lot of wonderful detail to cover!  Let’s dive right in!


Let’s begin with the Fiat 600 to understand the roots of the Seat 600.  The Fiat 600 was designed and brought to life by Dante Giacosa (designer of many notable Fiats including the mechanical design of the Fiat 500) and was crafted by some of the best minds and hands Italy had to offer.  The 600 was not just a bigger Fiat 500, despite what some similar looks and nomenclature would suggest.  The Fiat 600 was a completely new car.  One of the most drastic differences between the two cars was the watercooled engine the 600 now boasted over the 500’s air cooled motor.  This meant effective heat for the car most notably.  The 600 featured an alarmingly large interior despite its overall size as well.   The suspension was revised and featured leaf spring front and coil over shock rears which made for a much better driving car then the swing axle suspension cars of its peers and cars past.  Overall the car had been a major improvement over the 500 in most all regards.

Fiat licensed their design to few other car companies to be made in markets in which they did not have presence or felt would sell better through existing channels.  One of those companies was Seat, the Spanish car manufacturer.  Seat produced the 600 from 1957 to 1973 in a number of variations and were so popular in Spain they were nicknamed “Ombligo”, or “Belly-Button” because everyone had one.  Now, over time they have become increasingly more rare cars in Spain.  Moreover, because the Seat was meant only to be a Spanish market car, their presence in the US is VERY RARE.

Let’s move on to this car specifically:

Let’s continue with the rare token too.  To make this even more of a Seat, this car was imported to California from when NEW.  It wears California gold/black plates and has spent to what we know its entire life in California.  To keep increasing its rarity here, let’s also make note that this is ORIGINAL PAINT in Sahara Sand!  Because of the dry, warm climate in Southern California, this car was not eaten by rust as we see so often with cars throughout the rest of the country.  The paint shines wonderfully, and has that great hint of patina to it.  Little flaws from the stories with which it has been part that make it so much more desirable then any restored car!

There is another incredible detail we should discuss on this car.  It has a mechanical alarm option!  In 1958, what could an alarm possibly look like you ask?  Well it is as 50’s perfect as you could imagine.  Check out the pictures below:  there is a key that is inserted in the front hood cowl area.  Once armed, if a door or engine lid is lifted, it triggers a fire alarm style bell mounted on the engine firewall!

This is a first edition Fiat/Seat 600 with Abarth factory options, and matching numbers drive-train. It is ready to drive and enjoy. This 600 features original side windscreens, period correct Motorola heavy duty transistor radio (sounds great), period correct and matching color seat-overs.

As you know, the biggest factors in the value of a classic are “rarity and condition”.  This Fiat has all the original front and side aluminum moldings, which identifies the 1st series.  This car has been virtually untouched and unused since the early 1970’s. Original Sahara sand paint (which changes shades) is in good shape, thanks to the meticulous original owner. Gone through with a fine tooth comb, this car drives and handles like a new car. It has the most character of all the 600’s for having extras such as “Suicide” doors, the three level, front aluminum grill, four piece restored Abarth stamped hubcaps, side logos, and Abarth (raised seal), exhaust silencer.

It has original tools, spare tire and manuals. The speedometer was replaced to reflect miles rather than kph. This car has a clean California title. The black on yellow California license plates are included.  It is a 3-owner car in its entire life, with the original owner having the longest stint.

This Seat was not a one off purchase.  It sits within an extremely robust collection filled with both rare and eclectic cars.  Not only that, this 600 was made at home within an extensive collection of rare and beautiful classic Fiats/Seats.  Fiat experts watch over and maintain this beauty and assure that it is in wonderful running and driving condition.   Check the rest of the pictures as well for the car on the road.  This car is ready to be driven and was not trailered to our photo site.

The Condition and Service:
Let’s start on the engine and drivetrain:

This engine comes to life with a turn of the key and a pull of the floor mounted starter switch without any drama.  It warms up nicely and revs beautifully.  The car cruises comfortably at 50mph+!

Rebuilt generator
New battery
Rebuilt carb
New fan shroud
New choke cable & belts
New voltage regulator
New plug wires
New fuel pump

The 4 speed transmission is in wonderful shape.  The shifter eases into gear without any drama and has no grinds from the syncros!

New rear axle boots

The 600 runs cool and comfortable even in CA heat.  I took the car on a nice drive in 90 degree temps to photo it and it drove like a dream.

Recored radiator
Rebuilt water pump

No bangs, no rough ride, no clunks!   New shocks!

Confident pedal, great pressure with a firm positive stop.  New shoes and wheel cylinders

Steering feels good, no excessive play or vibrations.

Let’s continue to the exterior:

This 600 features gorgeous Sahara Sand original paint.  No body work!  The paint has wonderful shine and little touches of soft patina that add only originality, not disrepair.  This car is 99.9% rust free.  The only dabs of oxidation I can see are on the door hinges from the paint rubbing together.  They are very minor and just oxidation, not rot or even what I would call rust.. The paint has been touched up in a couple small places. Although matching up a 50+ year old Sahara color is challenging, the color blends in well. The only two main noticeable spots (If you pay close attention, less than a few feet away), are by the front driver side under the bumper apron 2” by 2” and lower front passenger fender 1” by 2”. There are only a few other tiny spots around the car that are touched up on the doors.  Again, small and hard to notice, but worth mentioning.  Professional undercoat (done in 2003).

Wonderful shape, loads of tread on new tires!  Four piece restored Abarth stamped hubcaps!!!

All chrome redone, all aluminum brushed and cleaned!

New head light lenses and new light bulbs for all lights!

Onto the cabin:

The Forest Green seats are in beautiful shape!   Brand new seat covers in the correct color and pattern.  Freshly painted seat rails.

New certain floor rubber and carpet

New door panels!

The wheel is in great shape.  Smooth, crack free and no fade.

Freshly painted hand brake, choke and starter handles!

Documentation/Tools/ManualsThis beauty comes with the original Pirelli 520/12 Wide-White-Wall spare, with jack.  Also included is the original tool kit!

The Experience:
This is such a treat to drive this little beauty!  She motors happily along with her gorgeous Sahara Sand paint glistening in the sun sharing stories of its adventures.  The car starts right up and settles into idle quickly!  She has so much character and is one of the most enjoyable cars to drive of the era.  The Seat has loads of room inside despite its size and feels airy and comfortable.  She paces traffic no problem and turns on a dime!  And the rarity!  You may go to show once and a while and see a Fiat 600.  But you could bet the farm that you will never run into another Seat 600 here!  It is one of the most fun cars to drive and puts a huge smile on everyone’s face around you!

Fiat collectors:  this is a car that is a must have for your collection.  It has tremendous historic value, without the endeavors of tremendous historic price.  It also allows your collection to explore for breadth and depth that just Fiat branded cars.  These come up for sale VERY RARELY in the US, and with the California gold/black plates, original paint and options, it would suffice to say you will miss your opportunity for the perfect collection piece permanently.  There is no other Seat 600 like this waiting to pop up for sale once this finds a new home.