1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer


I will give you a minute – go ahead and scroll down and take a look at this AMAZING 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer can only be described as the ONLY (along with Spinnaker Blue) color combination this car should have EVER been offered.  Go get your fix, I’ll wait – heck I’ll go drool a little myself for a minute too!

Ok, are we back?  I’m a little light headed too!  Seriously, what a treat it is to offer this BEAUTIFUL Grand Wagoneer in a NO RESERVE auction.  Living here in sunny Southern California, this Grand Wagoneer has none of the rot, none of the rusted on bolts, none of the headaches we see on GW across the country.  And could it have a better home? Bright Colorado Red, with wood grain sides and a surfboard on the roof or hanging out the retractable rear window – heaven!  Why didn’t the Beach Boys have a song about this gorgeous truck?   Every time I am behind the wheel I am catapulted onto the beach in my mind.  Life is just wonderful, calm and happy when I am behind the wheel of my GW.  It truly is a thing of magic.  No matter what my day has been this truck brings a smile to the drivers face.  And not just the driver!  Everyone, at every stop light!  It is remarkable how this truck just feels like home to most people.  Maybe it’s the wood grain sides.  Maybe it’s the cheery color.  Maybe its the look of wonderful childhood memories passed.  Whatever the case, it is contagious!  If you are looking for the Grand Wagoneer, you probably already know what this truck was meant to be – this was THE one – the first luxury SUV.  And boy did they succeed!  And that’s not all.  California has an incredibly difficult emissions program, especially for older cars.  The STAR program as it is called is often known to be the death of a car’s life here in CA.  It is a very long, very strict, and very tough to pass test for older cars…. guess who passes this with flying colors??  Little Miss Red Riding Hood below, that’s who!  It may not seem like a victory if you live outside of CA, but it speaks volumes to the health of the truck and the care it has received.  Let’s dive into the truck!

Let me begin with a little background.   This Grand Wagoneer is painted in a BEAUTIFUL color package: Colorado Red on Tan, which truly is one of the most desirable and beautiful combinations this truck ever came in.  This truck was originally bought here in sunny Southern California and has spent its entire life here.  It’s owner was a major classic Jeep enthusiast and dearly loved this truck.  He spent a huge amount of time and money in keeping this truck looking beautiful and running absolutely perfect.  A care that I too have embraced and know its future owners will too.  These trucks are future 57 Chevy’s in their own right, and we are purely the caretakers for the time.

The Condition and Service:

This truck has been ENTHUSIASTICALLY and PROFESSIONALLY maintained, restored and serviced and is a high standard for Jeep service!  Check out the pic of the service records below!

Let’s start on the engine and drivetrain:
This engine has LOW MILES for the year (less than 6,000 a year), only 149,000 miles appear on the odometer and the entire truck shows the same care.  There has been A TON of scheduled and preventive maintenance performed to this truck to keep in near brand new condition.  The engine is very healthy and has loads of smooth power!

No noises, no knocks, no taps, no issues!!  No burning oil!

No sticky valves, no bad valve guides, no tapping, no issues!!!!

Fresh oil change and filter oil, ready for another 3,000 miles!

Here in Southern California, a few element to not let go is the cooling system.  In order to keep things perfect and cool, a new radiator installed less than 3,000 miles ago.  The truck did not overheat and was part of the methodical service the truck had seen.  The temp needle NEVER moves past 200 mark even with the AC on and in traffic, and usually sits right at the top end of the cold range.  The truck also received new hoses, new, thermostat and a new cap.  Cool as ice!!!

BRAND NEW spark plugs and BRAND NEW wires.  BRAND NEW distributor cap and rotor!  Timing is dead on factory!

BRAND NEW Interstate battery!! Cranks hard and fast everytime!

The trans was just given all new fluid, gasket and filter and shifts great!  No weird gear shifts and no slipping!

BRAND NEW gear oil in the diffs!

BRAND NEW fuel filter and brand new fuel evap hoses.  BRAND NEW fuel cap!  Fuel system has been smoke tested and passes with flying colors!

BRAND NEW 50 State, California legal convertor (read…expensive!).  BRAND NEW EGR valve.  All Coolant Temp Switches for the EGR and Ignition work perfectly and this Jeep passes the incredibly difficult California STAR emissions program with ease!

Newer smog, AC and power steering belts.

BRAND NEW Air Filter

Newer motors mounts installed in the last 18k miles.

Lets move to the suspension and brakes:

BRAND NEW TRW brake pads in the front.  TRW is the OEM replacement pad for most of the luxury German brands and stop wonderfully.  BRAND NEW rear wheel cylinders, rear brake shoes and rear brake hardware!!   Freshly adjusted rear drums!

Springs and shocks are in very nice shape.  They are nice and soft on bumps and the trucks handles wonderfully!

Steering is tight and feels great!

Vacuum operated 2WD to 4WD engagement works perfectly and dash light appears when in 4WD. 4WD Low and High both work great!  Ready for your next camping trip!

Newer front u-joint, newer axle bearings in the rear.

Let’s continue to the exterior:

The paint was recently restored and repainted and is VERY nice: 9 out of 10!  The Colorado Red looks stunning with only minor flaws, it is less than a year old and shows!  The truck was color sanded, polished and has a recent coat of wax as well!  There are few minor dings and flaws which are very hard to see in pics and in person.  Remember this is a near 30 year old truck, there may be some scratches, wear etc, but they are below any expectation level for GW or cars of this year/miles.   The door sills and trunk sill were not repainted and show some light paint patina, but ZERO rust.  There is NO rust at the quarter panels behind the wheels.  There is NO rust on the rockers.  NONE on the frame.  NONE on the floors.  Check out the underside pics!!!!!  It is the boggest let down on earth sometimes surfing the eBay ads for Grand Wagoneer – take an initial look at the ad, and then there it it… the rust.  You can breath again in this ad!

BRAND NEW wood grain sides.  BRAND NEW wood grain frame stripes.  It is near flawless and looks amazing.  This wood grain package restoration alone was almost $2,000 in just the panels and stripes!!

NEW tires with lots of tread left! Spare under the trunk!

The OEM Gold and Aluminum wheels are in great shape with no major flaws!  They are truly Wagoneer classics!  They have been freshly cleaned and look great!

The front and rear bumpers are in very nice shape with no major flaws.  They were both recently polished and shine like crazy!  The bumper caps are in very nice shape with no major flaws.  All of the stainless trim has been cleaned and shines wonderfully too. Pics speak for themselves!  The “chrome” grill is in very nice shape!  There is some minor chipping of the “chrome” paint right where the hood and grill meet.  It is just about right under the hood and almost unnoticeable.

Take a look at the pics – the mirrors looking great!

Check out the tail gate!  NO rust, NO rot!  Beautiful shape!  The back window goes up and down from the trunk lock as well as from the switch quickly!  The track can make a little noise sometimes, but does not slow or impede the windows progress.

BEAUTIFUL door handles!  Look at them shine!  And the doors open and close with such a satisfying old car click I can feel it and hear it as I type.  There is NO sag.  NO dead spots.  NO having to slam the doors and NO doors slamming themselves!  Just a wonderful click and smooth hinges!

The door glass is wonderful shape!  The front windshield has a couple tiny chips.  No cracks, no webs, no splinters.  The rear glass has some very light scratches.  Rear window defroster works great!!!

The GW has a 10,000lb trailer hitch receiver and ready to tow with wiring setup and run!

Nice undercarriage!  No rust, rot or trail scars.  VERY minor oxidation associated from stone chips etc on the axle housings and such.  Check the pics!!  Wagoneer heaven!

The roof rack is shiny and in great shape!!  The wood grain siding is in wonderful shape and really offsets the rack beautifully!

BRAND new headlights, new turn signal and brake light bulbs!  Let there be light!  and they all WORK!  Turn signals too!!

Onto the cabin:

The tan leather seats are wonderful!!  They are original yet only show minor wear and are super comfortable – I can ride in the truck for hours!  There is NO tears, NO split in half seams.  They are incredibly supportive with what feels like zero foam wear.  You sit high and comfortably in these buttery soft seats!  The cloth insets keep you in place wonderfully and offset the leather beautifully.

The top wood grain is amazing and no cracks or issues!  The panels are good with only minor flaws!

The headliner is BRAND NEW.  No sagging Wagoneer headliner in your future!

Nice carpet in the truck!  Freshly shampooed and OEM.  While there are some minor flaws and the trunk carpet has some ro-ugh edges, it is the original.  The replacement carpets are subpar to say the least,.  They use the low grade looped nylon and are drastically different in plushness.  An OEM carpet with minor flaws is MUCH nicer than a brand new replacement.  The side carpet panels in the trunk are nice!  NEW floormats in front and rear color match the carpet as well.   The trunk stainless striped are decent.  Could maybe use a little polish and clean up, but nice overall.

All power windows work!!  Repeat: all power windows work!  And how!  They are fast and smooth and operate without flaw!

BOTH power lock switches operate all four doors!  I’m sure you are just coming to from the power windows, but read that again!  Why do all of these work?  Because the locks were serviced.  Contacts cleaned and reassembled and ready for decades of service.

Ok, seriously, sit down…. yep, that’s right.  Both power mirrors.  All directions.  Hope you got the bigger health insurance package with how much your heart is likely skipping beats!

Enough already! Could all power seat functions work too??? On both sides!???  YES and YES!!!!!!!!  You aren’t dreaming here – ALL power functions work perfectly on this Jeep!

The factory Radio and Jensen Speaker system work perfectly!  Read that again!  Perfectly working OEM radio and speakers!  The LCDs all work on the display and so does the cassette player!  Teach the kids all about what that funny thing is!

AC was just serviced and has not fallen to the R134 clutches!  This R12 system is colder than the R134 conversions and was just freshly leak tested and charged!  I won’t even begin to describe what this costs to do in California! Heat is earth core hot!

The wood throughout the inside: on the dash, glovebox, doors, etc are all beautiful!

The steering wheel was recently restored and redyed to keep the original luster.  There are a few minor flaws in the underlying foam but overall a 8 out of 10.

All the seat belts work!  This seems like it should be a given, but with the fragility on the seat belt receivers on the GW, it truly is a treat!

Speedometer, fuel gauge, temp gauge, voltage and oil gauges….all work!!

The Experience
Driving this Grand Wagoneer is FANTASTIC.  It has all the power it had from the factory an then some, and from even a little gas is very torquey and responsive. I hope you can tell by my long ad that this truck is a great pre-owned, deeply cared-for, rust-free and serviced Grand Wagoneer.  This is a NO RESERVE AUCTION!  If you were to add up all of the recent items in this truck, you would find well over $10k in recent retail scheduled and preventive service and restoration alone.  This truck is ready to go live another 149k miles of beautiful, reliable, enjoyed life in your hands.  Don’t pay $50k for the same truck with a couple less miles.  And certainly don’t pay the same for a truck with the same miles with no service or care!

Feel free to ask me any questions at all.  Residents around the country I am happy to be flexible for your arranged shipper so that you can get your new truck as soon as possible.

My standard disclaimer/mantra for any car regardless of service or price: The truck is sold with no warranty.  You are buying a used car.  Eventually every car will break, if you find one that doesn’t please let me know.  I do my ABSOLUTE BEST to offer only cars that are of TOP NOTCH service.  I am not a dealer, just a guy who loves Jeeps (among other cars) and hope to pass along my passion and fervor for these trucks.  That said if ever you encounter an issue I do my best to provide advice, direction or even parts if I have them.  Please understand that it is a used car and will have minor signs of use.  That means please do not expect a showroom brand new truck. Please adjust your expectation level to that of a 149,000 mile truck that however is above average for its year.   This is low miles for Wagoneers of this year, but please just remember that no 149,000 mile truck is perfect.  It is though a clean, nice truck! Please only bid if you intend to buy.  If you would like to have an Ebay 3rd party mechanic service check out the truck I MORE than welcome it.  Please have the truck checked out before bidding and not after if you intend to use that service. Please check your local laws and registration procedures before buying.  Buying over the internet can be scary sometimes!  I get it, because I am an enthusiast too.  For that very reason I am more than happy to answer every and any question you may so you know 100% what you are buying.  But, please ask any and all questions ahead of purchase!  All sales are final, you are buying as-is, the sky is blue, etc, etc. Sorry to have to give the boring speech.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions!!

A wise man once said:
“The best days are spent in a Jeep.  With friends, alone, on the trail or just going to the park. The freedom of knowing you can be anywhere, anytime and just fade into your Jeep world. No matter how the day started, if you smile at your Jeep you get it.  Hello my friend.  Let’s go.”

Only in a Jeep!  Happy bidding!!