1994 Toyota Land Cruiser


It breaks my heart to sell this truck.  Land Cruisers just feel like home to me – they are comfortable, reliable as gravity and will go ANYWHERE without complaint.  And the FJ80 body style (1991-1997) in my, and quite a many others, opinion the best Land Cruiser ever made. This truck has FANTASTIC care – I would drive it to rural Central America right now and not think twice!


Let me begin with a little background. This truck was ordered in Super White with a Gray Leather interior here in Southern California. It has spent its life here and is TOTALLY RUST FREE.  It arrived here in sunny, dry California on January 31, 1995 and never went far.  It is a two owner truck and it never went far from home in ownership and never lived on the east coast in the snow/salt belt.  It has never been off-roaded to my knowledge and not in my hands either. No bouldering scars, smashed bits and pieces, etc.


This beauty was ordered with a number of options for the year:


-First and likely the most coveted, this truck was optioned with FRONT AND REAR DIFF LOCKS!  This was an option meant for the true off road enthusiast, (though many times it was just a wealthy individual checking all the options boxes, like in this case).  Combined with the standard center diff lock, this truck will GO ANYWHERE.  There are only a handful of SUV ever offered with center, front and rear diff locks (the $100k Mercedes G-Class for example) and this Cruiser is one of them.


-Also as part of the Diff Lock package, this upgraded the brakes to 4 wheel disc with ABS.


-This package included leather seats, power seats, leather door panels, leather transfer case knob, leather wrapped steering wheel AND third row seating.  The third row seating includes two easily removable, but also fold away leather jump seats which allow this Cruiser to seat 8!  And they aren’t little baby seats either, they are quite comfortable!


-Sliding and tilting power sunroof with sunshade!


-“3-In-1” Premium Sounds System with Radio, Cassette and CD player, 9 speaker stereo and power antenna


-This was a dealer installed option, and is installed and ready to tow!


-Another dealer installed option, this truck still has its original floor mats!

The Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser was originally built to be a military vehicle by the Japanese government through Toyota after World War II with the intention of reliability and “go-anywhere” nature.  As it evolved through the many generations, it gained more size, power, luxury and ability.  This truck is chassis code FJ80, also known as the 80 Series. This is the same chassis that Toyota took to the Dakar Rally (arguably the most challenging and hardest adventure race on the planet) and WON.  They took two UNMODIFIED FJ80 and won first and second in unmodified production class.  That’s what these trucks are made out of!!!  Nearly every single car, truck, expedition, off-road or adventure magazine or resource ALL agree that the FJ80 is one of the best adventure, expedition or off road vehicles ever made.  And generally, it’s top 3, if not #1.  Aside from its full time 4WD, the FJ80 came stock with center locking diff and for those doing the trickier off roading, front and rear locking diffs – which this truck has!  The underside of each truck is lined with protective plating to cover the trans, engine, gas tank and other areas.  It is a solid axle front and rear and is a true frame on body SUV.  As Jalponik (likely the #1 car blog) says: the FJ80 is “One of the finest overland vehicles ever constructed, has quality construction, design and materials and world-class durability”

The Condition and Service:

This truck has been ENTHUSIASTICALLY, PROFESSIONALLY and ACTIVELY maintained and serviced and is a high standard for FJ service!

Let’s start on the engine and drivetrain:

This engine and truck have LOW MILES ( less than 8,000 a year), only 158,000 miles appear on the odometer and the entire truck shows the same care.  These engines and trucks are known to go 300,400,500k+ miles without ever needing to service the bottom end.   There has been A TON of scheduled and preventive maintenance performed to this truck to keep in near brand new condition. I wanted this engine to always be at the height of its durability and reliability and it has been BULLETPROOF. The engine is very healthy and has loads of smooth power!  This is the 4.5L I6 which made 212hp @4600rpm and 275ft lbs of tq @3200rpm.


The truck runs COOL as can be and has never overheated.   No knocks, no bangs, no issues!  Ready to go 300/400/500k+ miles for the life of the engine and then some!!!  BRAND NEW oil change!  Ready to go another 3,000 miles!


No ticks, no chatter, no leaking valve stem seals – solid upper end!


Replaced the PHH or pesky heater hose!  This is the hose that when it goes is a pain to access.  As part of preventative maintenance it was replaced and ready to go for the life of the truck!


BRAND NEW wires and recent plugs!  New distributor cap and rotor! Recent seal on the distributor!


Recently adjusted and tight, only a couple notches on the handle holds the truck tight


The trans was just given all new fluid and shifts great!  Shifts are crisp and wonderful.


The transfer case was just given all new fluid and hums along wonderfully!  High and Low Range both work great!


New correct gear oil in the diffs and no clunks, bangs or noises!  These are the coveted lockers front and rear!!!


Newer air filter!


The truck has a newer battery.  It cranks up right away and has loads of carefree service ahead of it.


Check out the overall cleanliness of the engine bay!  This is not a steam clean special.  This is a labor of love.  A consistent cleaning to keep things looking great.

Lets move to the suspension and brakes:


BRAND NEW OEM brake pads in the front and rear – loads of pad life!  And received BRAND NEW OEM brake rotors front and rear! No ABS lights!


Front bearings have been repacked with fresh high temp bearing grease and have no slop or play.  YEARS of carefree life in them!


Springs and shocks feel great!  No ponderous Land Cruiser bouncing over bumps when the shocks wear on these trucks!  They control the springs nicely and feel wonderful!


The steering is tight and has no excessive play.

Let’s continue to the exterior:


The paint is good!  It is a 8+ even maybe a 9- out of 10 easily.  There are only minor signs of wear on the paint.  There are some minor dings which are very hard to see in pics and in person, some flaws (small stone chips on the front valance, a minor scuff mark or two, etc). There is NO RUST.  Take that east coast! Remember this is a near 20 year old truck with what appears to be totally original paint, there may be some minor scratches, wear etc, but they are well below any expectation level for Land Cruisers or cars of this year.  Even against more modern cars the paint will compete head to head – it really is quite nice.  The key too is that it has been well cared for!  There is no clear coat chipping as so often seen in Land Cruisers which are left in the sun without paint protection.  This Cruiser was also just recently compounded, waxed and buffed!  Pics don’t do the paint the justice in it shine – I have been looking at my garage repeatedly since its been done to drool.  More than a few conversations with my wife have started with “Hey, so come check the FJ…”! It is really is a beauty.  The paint is silky smooth when you run your hand over it!  Take a good look in the pics – you can actually see the clouds being reflected off the paint on the hood and fenders!  On an arctic white car!


Seems like most FJ80 have front bumper end caps that are missing, or scraped to pieces or broken.  Not this bad boy!  Only some very minor flaws on them and the front bumper!  Rear bumper is in great shape with only a couple minor flaws as well.  These seem to always be some of the worst pieces on a FJ80 – fear not here!  Even the chrome strips are present!


BRAND NEW center caps!  The wheels are in nice shape with no major flaws or curbing.


Not to let a pebble defeat this truck, the windshield and glass are in great shape!


The truck has a trailer hitch and is wired up and ready to tow.  Also comes with a hitch ball!


The factory running boards have been exchanged in favor for a set of super strong steel running boards.  They are in great shape – no trail scars or rust!  They are the DEAD give away to the fact this truck hasn’t been beat on in crazy off-roading.  They aren’t bent, smashed, etc.


Take a look at the pics – the plastic on these mirrors are usually faded, or scraped… not here!!


Nice undercarriage!  No rot or trail scars.

Onto the cabin:


Ready for this one Land Cruiser fans…. NO TEARS IN THE SEATS!!!  You read that right! The front seat leather is nice shape and only shows the minor wrinkle lines you get with lather over time – like a good leather dress shoe.  And like a good leather shoe, if you take care of it and clean it and polish it it will last – same with these seats.  They have been recently conditioned and are supportive and without tears!  The rear seats are in the same shape as the front and are quite nice! The 3rd row seats in the rear are near perfect.  They fold up and to the side for more trunk room, or with the flick of a lever they pop out for more space!  Read to really pass out Cruiser fans?  The power front seats…WORK!  All directions!!!  I’ll wait a minute while you regain consciousness!  They slide back and forth, the back rest moves up and down, they tilt and WORK!


All of the panels are free of dents or major defects.  The drivers side rear door panel has about an inch or so minor split that is not very noticeable


Scroll down to the pics and check out the door hinges and jambs.  If you are scratching your head wondering is, what the heck am I looking at?  Nothing!  That’s what!  No rot, no pounds of dried up grease, no dirt, etc.


Headliner is in nice shape with some small very minor flaws/stains.  Nothing noticeable unless you are staring at it for a minute.


The carpet is very nice!! Just shampooed and cleaned, it looks and smells clean!  It has no tears or holes.  Comes with a set of original dealer installed floor mats that are in nice shape as well!  The trunk carpet is in nice shape with only a few minor flaws!


All doors lock and unlock with central locking function. AND the central locking and alarm work great with the remote!!!


Windows all work!


Sunroof works great, tips forward to vent and slides back to fully open!  Sometimes at high speed with the windows up it can make a tiny whistle, but it is water tight with no leaks or power functionality issues!


Original fully functional OEM radio!


AC is ice cold and Heat is earth core hot!  This is still and R12 car so it gets REALLY cold AC!  It has been 90+ here in LA a lot recently and all it takes is a minute or so on high AC and the whole truck is an icebox!  I have to turn the AC to low in order not to have cold hands!


Power mirrors work perfectly in all directions!


The leather is nice with only minor flaws, no serious wear or split seams!


Wood grain on the dash and doors is in good shape, some minor flaws.  The passenger side door window switch wood has some of the veneer chipped off.


The prior owner had installed a rear drop down entertainment screen.  Unit powers up and has head phone jacks, but I have not tested it.  (If it is an important part of the purchase for you, please let me know and I will go a buy a DVD to test it.)


The truck still has the factory tool kit in the storage compartment!  Tools are unused (since it is a Land Cruiser!) and appears complete!

The Experience

Driving this FJ is amazing.  You sit high in the truck, with excellent vision and it feels great.  Driving this Cruiser is fantastic. It is Lexus quiet inside, pulls and handles like a sports car and is as comfortable as a Rolls Royce.  Its got all the power it had from the factory an then some, and from even a little gas is torquey and responsive. I hope you can tell by my long ad that this truck is a great pre-owned and beautiful Land Cruiser. It was made to be the most reliable, versatile, useful truck a person could own.  You can just as easily put the family in this truck and comfortably set your A/C, and take a nice drive to mall, the amusement park or the park!  Your kids have friends?  It seats 8!!  You need to move some furniture?  Fold the two rows of seats down and this truck will swallow a washer and have room for more!  And for those of you who are enthusiasts looking specifically for an FJ80, especially with diff locks, this is a great truck to enjoy or outfit with off-road goodies!  158,000 miles is finally just getting a Land Cruiser broken in!  This is the truck to buy if you want a companion for life!

There are other FJ80 out there.  Don’t spend big money on a truck from a “turn-em-and-burn-em” style dealer when all they do to promote the truck is say a few things they think people like to hear.  As you may tell from my ad, I know the care that these trucks need and the details that make them tier 1, from a tier 2 or worse and I hope to have addressed them to those of you that know as well.  If an ad says “Low miles and well cared for”  Ask questions!  If you don’t get thorough, well addressed answers, start planning more money and more aspirin.  This is a NO RESERVE AUCTION!  This truck is ready to go live 300, 400, 500k+++ miles of beautiful, reliable, enjoyed life in your hands.  Don’t buy an unserviced truck for a little less than spend multiple times as much to get it to this level of service!

Feel free to ask me any questions at all.  Residents around the country I am happy to be flexible for your arranged shipper so that you can get your new truck as soon as possible.

My standard disclaimer/mantra for any car regardless of service or price: The truck is sold with no warranty.  You are buying a used car.  Eventually every car will break, if you find one that doesn’t please let me know.  I do my ABSOLUTE BEST to offer only cars that are of TOP NOTCH service.  I am not a dealer, just a guy who loves Land Cruisers (among other cars) and hope to pass along my passion and fervor for these trucks.  That said if ever you encounter an issue I do my best to provide advice, direction or even parts if I have them.  Please understand that it is a used car and will have minor signs of use.  That means please do not expect a showroom brand new truck. Please adjust your expectation level to that of a 158,000 mile truck that however is above average for its year.   This is low miles for Land Cruisers of this year, but please just remember that no 158,000 mile truck is perfect.  It is though a clean, nice truck! Please only bid if you intend to buy.  If you would like to have an Ebay 3rd party mechanic service check out the truck I MORE than welcome it.  Please have the truck checked out before bidding and not after if you intend to use that service. Please check your local laws and registration procedures before buying.  Buying over the internet can be scary sometimes!  I get it, because I am an enthusiast too!!  For that very reason, I am more than happy to answer every and any question you may so you know 100% what you are buying.  But, please ask any and all questions ahead of purchase!  And please don’t bid unless you intend to buy! All sales are final, you are buying as-is, the sky is blue, etc, etc. Sorry to have to give the boring speech.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions!!

CA residents: registration just expired last month, I will be happy to pay the late fees!

Please feel free to ask any and all questions!!
“C.R.U.I.S.E.R.” = Classic Rugged Utility Issuing Superior Extended Reliability :)