In 1956, Sir Alec Issigonis penned the design for the original Mini then dubbed the XC/9003.  Then in 1959 when it went into production, what was only originally meant to be a small around-town car became a RUN AWAY success for the British car industry.  The original Mini went on to be the highest selling British car of all time and one of the most legendary automotive designs of all time.  Having had a run though from 1959 until 2000 nearly unchanged, and although still wildly popular, the Mini was in desperate need of modernization.  BMW, the new owner of Mini, dove into a deep design study to keep the car quintessentially Mini but with a thorough dose of modern car safety, technology and convenience.  Frank Stephenson ultimately designed what we now as the “new” Mini and similar to Sir Alec, penned an instant classic.  The car kept all of the Mini’ness while bring the car into the 21st century.  The Mini stayed incredibly nimble, LOADS of fun to drive and was just nearly the happiest car ever to look at. Yet now the car had a much more powerful engine, had multiple airbags, cupholders, a fantastic radio and much more.  It finally was a city car for the modern buyer.  Then in 2008 Mini introduced the Clubman.  The Clubman took the Mini the next level of usefulness in extending the wheelbase, rear seat space and cargo space and added a 3rd door to ease rear seat entry.  This truly was a multitasking, fun to drive, great looking, sporty car for the masses and fantastic car.   Every nut and bolt in this car has come from 50 years of passion for the design and brand and you feel it when you drive this Mini.  It’s nearly impossible not to smile when behind the wheel!  And this is the Clubman S!  With a turbocharged 172hp 1.6L 4 cylinder engine, this Mini is a Mini Rocket!  All while maintaining 23mpg city and 32mpg highway!

Let me begin with a little background.  This Mini was ordered in an absolutely stunning color combination.  Hot Chocolate Metallic almost looks like candy or root beer with a metallic flake in it.  It is accented wonderfully with a Metallic Silver on the roof, rear pillars and rear bumper that set the Mini aside even from other Minis!  It is a deep, lustery brown and a light, airy silver.  A positively brilliant combination!  Then to top it off, the interior was optioned with Leather Lounge Hot Chocolate seating and trim.  WHAT AN INTERIOR!  The deep brown seats are accented with light cream piping and dash accents as well as dark wood accents on the dash, steering wheel and doors.  It is without a doubt one of the best modern interior color combinations ever made.  What a beautiful Mini!

This car was optioned almost to the MAX and stickered for nearly $34,000 in 2008!  Aside from the special order color and $2,000 interior upgrade, this Mini was graced with the $1,500 Premium Package which includes Dual Pane Sunroof, Automatic Air Conditioning and HiFi Stereo System!  Then, the new owner also checked the $1,500 Sport Package box too!  This added 17″ 5 Star Pace wheels, Sport Suspension and Xenon Headlights!  Why stop there?  Why shift your gears in traffic?  This Mini was optioned with the $1,250 STEPTRONIC automatic transmission with sport mode and paddle shifters.  Want to drive around town – put it in Drive and cruise around like any other car.  Want to go for a sporty drive up the coast or to the mountains?  Throw it in manual mode and hit the sport button and click your gears off from behind the steering wheel!  But what if it’s cold up in the mountains ? Well good thing this Mini was optioned with the Cold Weather Package!  Power folding mirrors, heated mirrors and washer jets and heated front seats will keep you warm on any snowboard or ski adventure.  But what if you loose reception on your radio in the mountains?  Good thing your new Mini has been optioned with the $1,000 Bluetooth, USB and iPod to link your phone to the Mini sound system!  And who want to fumble with keys?  This Mini has the Comfort Access System, so keep those keys in your pocket and just press the little button on the handle to unlock and just press START on the dash to get moving!  And so many other little options really set off this Mini: the wood accent steering wheel, white turn signals, rear fog lamp, center armrest, multi-function steering wheel, foglights – the list goes on!!!!

This chocolate treat was ordered and delivered from Mini in the UK to Nick Alexander MINI in Southern California and has stayed in sunny, dry, temperate Southern California since arriving here.  It has been extensively serviced and maintained by Nick Alexander as well!

The Condition and Service:

This Mini has been ENTHUSIASTICALLY and PROFESSIONALLY maintained and serviced!  The dealer recently performed a 32 point inspection as part of its pre-sale preparation to make sure a stellar car could be verified for the next owner!

Let’s start on the engine and drivetrain:
This engine has low miles for the year (less than 9,000 a year!!), only 54,000 miles appear on the odometer and the entire car shows the same care.  The engine is very healthy and has loads of smooth power!  Over the past few years the car received the following service and maintenance:

This 172hp 1.6L is a little missile silo!  Give it a little gas and it’s a tame little cruiser.  Give it the beans and the engine becomes alive! What a great little turbo engine.  And despite the power it returns great mpg! The Mini has a brand new OEM timing chain tensioner and seal as they can be a known place to develop minor oil leaks.  Worry not with this brand new one already installed!  A brand new timing chain was installed too while upgrading the parts!

The fuel injectors and system were cleaned and serviced!

After noticing a minor oil seepage from the oil pan, a very common place to see a drip or two from Mini, this rockstar Mini received a brand new OEM oil pan gasket and a fresh oil change of the correct 5W-30!

The turbo heat shield has been upgraded to the revised design!

Check out the overall cleanliness of the engine bay!  This is not a steam clean special.  This is a labor of love.  A consistent cleaning to keep things looking great.

Lets move to the suspension and brakes:

New front pads and rotors as well as new rear pads have been installed in the last few years as well as a brake fluid flush and feel great!

Great feeling suspension!.  The car feels tight and handles like a go-kart!  Turn-in is immediate, responsive and tight!

Let’s continue to the exterior:

The paint is very nice!  It is a 8 out of 10 easily.  Shiny, beautiful Hot Chocolate Metallic paint was recently waxed and looks great!  CLEAN and CLEAR CarFax. There are few minor dings, scratches and flaws which are very hard to see in pics and in person.

The 5-Star wheels look great!  They were just recently cleaned as well.  There is some minor curb marks on the wheels, but no gouges or major issues and all not very noticeable.

The bumpers are in great shape with only minor flaws.  They, along with the other plastic or rubberized plastic trim, shine beautifully!  The lower grill and valance are very nice and the foglights are free of cracks or issues!

Onto the cabin:

The Hot Chocolate Lounge Leather seats are fantastic!!!  There is NO tears, NO split in half seams.  They are supportive, comfortable and soft!  The leather has been well cared for and has been recently cleaned and conditioned.  The cream piping is in great shape and not separating from the seats or edges.  There are no stains or issues!

The carpet is near perfect!  Since brand new this Mini has had factory rubber floor mats covering the black carpet and have kept it free from stains, wear or issues!

Perfect for those cool Southern California nights or those cold nights anywhere else in the country, these heaters work great!

All windows work smooth and quickly!

Sunroof works great!  It is quick and smooth.

OEM radio is in great shape and sounds amazing!  OEM CD changer works great!!!

AC is arctic cold and heat is earth core hot!

Power mirrors work perfectly!

Great shape wood on the console, steering wheel, doors and dash!

The leather is very nice, no tears or issues!  It has been conditioned and feels great in your hands along with the smooth wood!

The rear carpet is in great shape and the rear plastics show no sign of abusive loads.

This Mini comes in further ready for skiing and snowboarding, trips to the mountains or east coast duty and comes with a set of snow chains that are easy to attach and ready to go for the those trips!

The Experience
Driving this Mini is fantastic and fun! It feels in so many ways like the original Mini – fun, quick and handles like it is on rails is NOT an exaggeration!.  It has all the power it had from the factory and then some, the turbo spools fast and the Mini rockets down the street! I hope you can tell by my long ad that this car is a great pre-owned and beautiful Mini.  As you may tell from my ad, I love the Mini and its history and even more so, I love to drive them. They are so sporty and the Clubman adds such useful space! This is a NO RESERVE AUCTION! This Mini has loads of retail scheduled and preventive service and is ready to go live LOADS miles of beautiful, reliable, enjoyed life in your hands.

Feel free to ask me any questions at all.  Residents around the country I am happy to be flexible for your arranged shipper so that you can get your new car as soon as possible.   CA residents, registration is paid up until March 2015!

My standard disclaimer/mantra for any car regardless of service or price: The car is sold with no warranty.  You are buying a used car.  Eventually every car will break, if you find one that doesn’t please let me know.  I do my ABSOLUTE BEST to offer only cars that are of TOP NOTCH service.  I am not a dealer, just a guy who loves Mini (among other cars) and hope to pass along my passion and fervor for these little guys.  That said if ever you encounter an issue I do my best to provide advice, direction or even parts if I have them.  Please understand that it is a used car and will have minor signs of use.  That means please do not expect a showroom brand new car. Please adjust your expectation level to that of a 54,000 mile car that however is above average for its year.   This is low miles for Mini of this year, but please just remember that no 54,000 mile car is perfect, even brand new cars aren’t perfect.  It is though a clean, very nice car! Please only bid if you intend to buy.  If you would like to have an Ebay 3rd party mechanic service check out the car I MORE than welcome it.  Please have the car checked out before bidding and not after, if you intend to use that service. Please check your local laws and registration procedures before buying.  Please ask any and all questions ahead of purchase.  All sales are final, you are buying as-is, the sky is blue, etc, etc. Sorry to have to give the boring speech.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions!!

Mini….everything else is just traffic!