2013 Infiniti G37 Journey

Item specifics

  • Year: 2013
  • Make: Infiniti
  • Model: G37 Journey
  • Trim: 4 Door Sedan
  • Engine: 3.7L V6
  • Drive Type: RWD
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): JN1CV6AP2DM714484
  • Mileage: 10,000
  • Exterior Color: Moonlight White
  • Interior Color: Stone


Condition: Used VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): JN1CV6AP2DM714484
Year: 2013 Engine: 3.7L V6
Make: Infiniti Drive Type: RWD
Model: G37 Mileage: 10,000
Trim: Journey Vehicle Title: Clear

If you have been looking for beautiful pre-owned, pre-loved, pre-babied Infiniti G37, it is time to stop your search!  Rest easy finally!  This gorgeous Moonlight White G37 Journey is stocked with options, clean as a whistle, drives like an absolute dream and its eager for a great home!


Let me begin with a little background.  Ordered in stunning Moonlight White, this color glistens even in the lowest of light.  A bright white, Moonlight has a pearl flake in the paint that adds a depth an shine that makes it so much more than just a plain white!  Paired wonderfully with the white is the light, airy Stone interior.  A combination of grays, silvers and almost silver-white highlights, it makes for a incredibly comfortable and beautiful place to spend time!  This G37 was ordered with in the Journey package which offers copious standard level creature comforts such as power windows, power locks, power seats, dual zone climate control, power mirrors, the extremely powerful and well balanced 328hp V6, the telepathically good 7 speed automatic transmission and MUCH more.  This G37 was then optioned with the $2,500 Premium Package which includes:

Electric glass sunroof;

Memorized adjustment: includes two driver settings, door mirror position and steering wheel position;

Tilt telescoping steering wheel;

Steering wheel & outside mirror sync w/ seat;

Rear cam & radar parking distance sensors;

Bose audio system; Ten Bose speakers; MP3 player; Internal HD : 2.00 GB storage;

Driver front seat memorized height and memorized tilt

The Journey was then further optioned with the $1,850 Navigation Package:
Internal HD navigation system with 3D and voice;

XM Nav Trafffic and NavWeather; Zagat Survey;

MP3 player;

Internal HD : 9.30 GB storage;

Voice activating system for radio and navigation system;

Bluetooth® includes music streaming;

Audio system with CD player digital media card;


Entertainment display screen located in front includes DVD; 7.0 in. multi-function display screen

Not to stop there, the car was then optioned with the $200 Carpeted Trunk Mat, Trunk Net and First Aid Kit and the $370 Illuminated Kick Plates.

This beauty is optioned with every feature you could want!  It for all purposes is a brand new car!  And it drives and feels like it is as well!

This white beauty lives in sunny, dry, temperate California since brand new and is corrosion free!!!!  It was serviced by Infiniti dealers under. Let’s continue to the service!

The Condition and Service:

This car has been ENTHUSIASTICALLY and PROFESSIONALLY maintained and serviced! When new the G37 came with a 4 year/60,000 mi basic and 6 year/70,000 mi powertrain warranty.  With only 10,000 miles and 2 years passed, the new owner will receive the remaining 2 years/50,000 miles and 4 year/60,000 mile powertrain warranty!  LOADS of carefree miles to go!  And with the legendary Infiniti reliability, one would doubt you would even need it!

Let’s start on the engine and drivetrain:


This engine has great miles for the year (a low average of about 5,000 a year), 10,000 miles appear on the odometer and the car shows the same care throughout.  Starts right up, no issues, no check engine lights – ZERO stories.  But let’s chat about that engine for a second.  What an engine it is!  GOBS of power – a tame kitten around town, a CHEETAH with a heavy right foot.  The 328hp feels not a hp shy and the car springs to occasion if you give it the opportunity.  And boy oh boy it sounds fantastic!  But around town, this Jekyll and Hyde is just a nice, calm grocery getter!   Brand new oil and oil filter!


Shifts are incredibly quick, smooth and almost totally imperceptible.  I was actually pleasantly shocked just how good this 7 speed automatic trans truly is!  Shifts are telepathically good!  No hanging onto gears too long, no dropping down when you don’t want it.  It always seems to be in the exact gear you want, in the powerband and is lightning quick.  Without a doubt one of the best automatics out there right now!

Lets move to the suspension and brakes:


Babied and near new brake pads in the front and rear – loads of pad life!  The car brakes great.  Nice linear pedal pressure, not too soft, not too hard of a pedal.  Great feel for the road in the pedal too – not too isolated!


The shocks dampen the ride wonderfully and control the springs perfectly.  No clunks, bangs, noises or knocks.  They are tight in corners, but yet supple around town!


The steering is tight and has no excess play. It has a nice light-medium weight to it, with great road feel!


This is another incredibly surprising and wonderful part of the G37 that few people may discuss.  The chassis, or structure/backbones of the car, are critical to a good handling car.  But too tight and the noise and harshness will be too much.  Too soft and the car will not handle well.  Whoever designed the G37 deserves an award.  It is WAY more comfortable around town than any 3-Series BMW, but yet tight that when hustled feels confident and tight.  I was stunned by just how good this chassis is!  Its communicative, forgiving, comfortable and tight all in one!  Its a car lovers dream!  BMW may get all the press, but I have driven literally countless thousands of cars in my life – this chassis is up there in the best.

Let’s continue to the exterior:


The paint is very nice!  It is a 9+ out of 10 easily.  Shiny, beautiful Moonlight White paint was recently polished, finished and waxed by a highly acclaimed detailer here in LA.  It looks FANTASTIC.  CLEAN and CLEAR CarFax.  NO ACCIDENTS. There is one almost imperceptible ding on the rear door.  I could not even capture in a photo, though I tried below. There are a couple very small scrapes on the lower bumper valance from a low driveway and a very small scrape on the bottom of the rocker from a high speed bump.  That’s it!  I like to really relay all I see, and that’s it!  It’s a 10k mile beauty – what’s to say?!  This is a dry SoCal car!  That means no rust lurking under the surface ready to pop up and ruin your paint!  If there was a place to buy ANY car, it is dry, warm SoCal.  No rain and no road salt!


The wheels are in stunning shape and with the exception of a 1/32th of an inch, by 1 inch VERY minor curb on the very edge of the wheel lip (almost laughably small) they are flawless!  They look brand new and shine beautifully!!


Tires have 75%+ life remaining and ready to go countless thousands of miles!  No leaks, no issues!


Not to let a pebble defeat this car, the windshield and glass are great shape!

OEM foglights both work great!

Onto the cabin:


The Stone leather seats are fantastic!!!  They are incredibly supportive with what feels like zero foam wear. The leather is SO soft and comfortable.  I truly love driving this car.  You sit bolstered comfortably and in wonderful seating position in these buttery soft seats!  The leather has been very well cared for and shows only EXTREMELY minor flaws at worst.  The interior has been recently cleaned and conditioned as well! Words don’t express well enough just how wonderful the seats are in this beauty!  With dual seat heaters too they are a very nice place to spend time!  The multiple power settings, memory positioning and adjustable and telescoping steering wheel allow for a comfort position for near any driver!  The gauges even tilt with the steering wheel so you are able to keep an eye on your information without the wheel blocking your view!


Beautiful and clean!


Beautiful carpet in the car!  It has been shampooed and cleaned as part of the overall detail.  VERY nice with only minor flaws on the floormats!


Fully functioning, easy to use Navigation system!  Voice commands, easy to read and easy to navigate menus.  Wonderful!


OEM radio sounds fantastic – deep, rich sound with clear lows and well defined highs.  The Bose system allows you to hear parts of your favorite songs you never even noticed before!


AC is ice cold and Heat is earth core hot!  Easy to use system which interfaces with the large screen.  Easy for on the fly adjustments without having to use much more than a quick glance!


The leather is nice with some light wear and shaped beautifully for around town and spirited driving!


Remote keyless entry arms the alarm with a press of a button!  The keyless start works perfectly too.  Just keep your key in your pocket, sit in the car and press START!


Beautiful, essentially unused trunk with the optional trunk carpet looks beautiful!

Driving this Infiniti is truly is fantastic. It is Lexus quiet inside, pulls and handles like a sports car and is as comfortable as a Rolls Royce.  It has loads of power, a VERY communicative chassis, wonderful strong brakes, a well tuned suspension and is an absolute treat to drive.  For those of you that enjoy cars, but aren’t looking for something to become deeply involved inthe driving experience, fear not – this car is a wonderful, casual, great place to spend time.  Easy to drive and otherwise a beautiful luxury car!  For those of you who are looking to take that next step in the driving experience, DO NOT IGNORE THIS CAR!  This is the car to end the 3-Series reign.  The C-Class experience doesn’t compare especially with their transmission that never seems to be in the right gear.  The Audis frankly just feel cheap compared to the G37!  And then let’s not even begin to discuss European car reliability relative to the Japanese Infiniti!  This car is a dynamic experience to drive and should you choose to, a very interactive and incredibly fun place to spend time!  Don’t spend big money on a car from a “turn-em-and-burn-em” style dealer when all they do to promote the car is say a few things they think people like to hear.  As you may tell from my ad, I know cars and what they need and the details that make them tier 1, from a tier 2 or worse and I hope to have addressed them to those of you that know as well.  If an ad says “Low miles and well cared for”  Ask questions!  If you don’t get thorough, well addressed answers, start planning more money and more aspirin.  This is a NO RESERVE AUCTION!

Feel free to ask me any questions at all.  Residents around the country I am happy to be flexible for your arranged shipper so that you can get your new car as soon as possible.

My standard disclaimer/mantra for any car regardless of service or price: The car is sold with no warranty.  You are buying a used car.  Eventually every car will break, if you find one that doesn’t please let me know.  I do my ABSOLUTE BEST to offer only cars that are of TOP NOTCH service.  I am not a dealer, just a guy who loves Infiniti (among other cars) and hope to pass along my passion and fervor for these cars.  That said if ever you encounter an issue I do my best to provide advice, direction or even parts if I have them.  Please understand that it is a used car and will have minor signs of use.  That means please do not expect a showroom brand new car. Please adjust your expectation level to that of a 10,000 mile car, but however is above average for it’s year/miles.   This is very low miles for G37 of this year, but please just remember that no 10,000 mile car is perfect.  It is though a very clean, nice G37!  Please only bid if you intend to buy.  If you would like to have an Ebay 3rd party mechanic service check out the car I MORE than welcome it.  Please have the car checked out before bidding and not after, if you intend to use that service.  And please, if you would like to utilize this service, contact me with more than a couple days left in the auction so we can arrange schedules.  Please check your local laws and registration procedures before buying.  Buying over the internet can be scary sometimes!  I get it, because I am an enthusiast too!!  For that very reason, I am more than happy to answer every and any question you may so you know 100% what you are buying.  But, please ask any and all questions ahead of purchase!  All sales are final, you are buying as-is, the sky is blue, etc, etc. Sorry to have to give the boring speech.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions

Infiniti. Accelerating the Future!